Synergy Network of Churches

Promoting UNITY in the Body of JESUS CHRIST!!!

This is for a campaign to assemble pastors and worship teams to pray in the schools of Baton Rouge for the healing of our city! We are also praying to take prayer and the Bible back to the schools! This will be followed with a revival of unity with the Holy Spirit, churches and races called the One Blood Revival . We will be hosting some native Americans that we are meeting with us at Azusafest in California on April 6-9 ! God has told us He is going to use them to heal the racial divide in Baton Rouge starting a revival that will move up the Mississippi! We are look for sponsors and committed leaders to help accomplish this! If you feel the Lord would like you to help with this mission in our city through finances or connection with others it will be greatly appreciated! 


“Bringing Churches Together” The Synergy Network was formed because the Lord told us that to be effective in the inner-city we would have to unite the churches and to unite the churches would be harder than going into the inner-city.

The Synergy Network was formed for the purpose of “ bringing churches together” to function as one body for the work for God. Thirteen years ago when we went to Zion City, God told us to be effective in the inner-city that we would have to unify the churches and that unifying the churches would be harder than going into the inner-city. Over the years God has shown us how he brings unity in his body. If we pray together we stay together .  Just like the early church in Acts 2:43 at the beginning of 2010 we received a mandate for 24/7 prayer for the purpose of bringing the churches together to pray for our city.  The expected result is that God's presence will move across Zion City transforming the hearts of the people, the churches in the community and that greater unity will be birthed throughout the entire city.

Our plan is to reach all of the different inner-city areas in Baton Rouge, such as Gardere, Mall City, Brookstown, The Fields, Easytown and so on.  The Lord has shown us to take our city back we must first bind and uproot the strongholds. He has shown us that he changes a city the same way he changes a person, from the inside out . The heart of the city or the inner-city must be changed first before the rest of the city can be changed.  Our city is connected whether we like it or not. If one part of the city suffers; the whole city suffers with it.

The church is the only one with the power and the spirit of Christ.  This power is the only thing that can change the hearts of men and can bring down spiritual strong holds.  However, this can only be done by our coming together to pray for our city to be healed, by this we will be able to tear down the principalities oppressing the people of the inner-city.

Jesus told us that no kingdom divided against its self can stand.  Let us not deceive ourselves into thinking we will be effective individually.  Psalms 133 tells us that the unity of the brethren is where the Lord bestows his blessing.  If we will come together under the mandate set forth in 2 Chronicles 7:13-15 we will see our city healed and God will bring us on one accord.

Jesus prayed for unity in John 17:20-23 when he said that our unity would show the world that God sent Jesus to Earth as Christ.

I have watched eight different documentaries on the modern day Transformation Revivals that have come because of the presence of God manifested through prayer.  Trailers of these documentaries may be found on under George Otis Jr.









The following is from the book God is Good by Bill Johnson

           "The one thing that concerns me most in the day in which we live

is the possibility of another civil war. The reality of that potential conflict

is upon us right now. However, it's not racial, political, or economic.

Neither is it fought between groups with differing moral or social

agendas. While those tensions obviously exist in society, they have permission to exist because of the division that is celebrated in the Church. We set the stage. It's tough to get reconcilliation in the factions that exist in the world around us when the Church itself sponsors the wars of internal conflict with religious delight. 

             I'm referring to a war within the family of God - it is spiritual. This one is not being fought with  guns and bombs. It's being fought with words of accusation, character assassination, ridicule, and slander. The conflict is over the goodness of God. That spirit of accusation is welcomed in many circles as the voice of reason, the voice of discernment. My prayer is that through an arresting revival in the nations, we will see another Great Awakening that dismantles the tsunami of the demonic that thrives on our self-righteous theology and the corresponding division it creates. 

             The Church isn't known for handling conflict well. We tend to be the only army in the world that shoots their wounded, especially if they were wounded through their own doing. When there are doctrinal conflicts, there are books written and radio shows broadcasted to expose and shame those attempting to serve God with their best effort to teach truth. Good theology is essential. But theology without love is a loud clanging cymbal - annoying at best. I believe that a true discovery of the goodness of God could heal this issue for us all."

Elevate Church of Baton Rouge with Pastor Keith Richard
Higher Destiny Church of Denham Springs with Pastor Lester May
The River Church of Addis, LA with Pastor Butch LeBauve
Life Tabernacle Church of Baton Rouge with Pastor Tony Spell