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Don't know how to contact your representatives or government officials? Click the icon at right:

This is a letter you can send to your government officials! I would send it to all of them!! The government only rules by your consent if we don’t say anything we consent!

What can you do?

Kindly Demand that the Mask Mandates and Lockdowns be Repealed!

Sign the Petition for the Children!

If you have not already done so, please click the link at right to sign the petition for parents to have equal access to the entire tax dollar amount for their children's education! Everybody should copy this petition link, save that link on a note on your phone, and get everyone at any gatherings to sign it at the convenience of your own phone.




Have us come empower and engage you in this grand mission to save America!

Ask your local pastor to have us come speak at your church so we can give you and your church the tools God has imparted to us to takeover America once again for Jesus Christ!


Otherwise, you can gather a group of anyone who Loves God and Country; and we can present to you there and then! Contact us for scheduling!


Freely we have received, so we wish to freely give! Help us help you transform the world around you! God has better things planned for us!

Educate Your Neighbor on the things happening to their children!

Please share the information with your neighbors, friends, and family so we can help protect the children of America from becoming good communists/socialists: click link at right.

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Not sure what to think about the vaccines or coronavirus? Watch the linked video at right:

Keep this Mandate in your Prayers!

This is not just our mission. It is yours! We all are responsible for this nation, our neighbors, and our brothers! 1 Chronicles 7:13-14 tells us that when there are issues in our land it is OUR FAULT. God has given you the opportunity to change the world around you. James 4:17 tells us that if we don't do the good we know to do, we sin. Let's take the world back for Jesus Christ!


Hear more from Dutch Sheets on the subject  on the video below:

Here are 5 bills concerning Liberty and Conservative Christian Values:


The Human Trafficking And Child Exploitation Prevention Act

The Stop Social Media Censorship Act

The Establishment Act

The Life Appropriation Act

The Stop Guilt By Accusation Act


You can bring these to your  representatives to present to  your state legislatures.


Legislation for Your State Legislatures

To locate the state-respective  legislation, go here: