The Killing of Uncle Sam gives names, dates, people, and places of the new world order and the antichrist agenda throughout the history of America (click on the picture to purchase a copy via Amazon). A former decorated CIA officer (Kevin Ship) said that it is the best exposé of the "Shadow Government" ever written.


Common Core State Standard Education is destroying the self-efficacy of our children, which is their confidence in their ability to organize and implement things to accomplish a task?  In essence their ability to be independant and sucessful in life. 

Common Core is the Communist Core

I went through in China

There is a National Sex Education Mandate has opened the door for special interest groups to introduce Pornographic Child Sex Education Curriculum that teaches LGBT and Gender Identity ideology to our children K=12

Common Core does not help anybody successfully attain academic achievement.

"The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend" Documentary shows the main form of deception and manipulation by Illumanti and globalists to control the population.

"A Very Real and Present Danger"

Steeling the Mind of America Vol's I and II detail how the antichrist has infiltrated the education system designed to undermine our Christian values in order to establish a new world order (the order of the antichrist). Please click the images to purchase the book through Amazon. 

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